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The conscious or unconsciously driven human decision making / behavior is guided by a complex process of cognition and emotion through System-1 and System-2. Further, this has a close association with the Human Personality traits and motivations.

Today, Customers, Brand Fans, Leaders, Experts, Influencers and Employees are increasingly sharing their voice about Markets, Brands, Products, Services and other events on the Social media networks and Web .

Buried deep within this ‘human-generated’ data are deeper emotional, psychological and behavioral cues to make, sustain, grow or break businesses and relationships.

Leverage Cognitive computing to understand the deeper human truth that can drive everything

Today, People across the world typically operate in a radically different, socially intensive online environment. With access to a variety of online information services and guidance, communities of people are increasingly responding online, sharing their thoughts and reactions about Brands, Markets, Products and Services.

Such interactions triggers varied  emotional feelings implicit or subconscious in nature (Fast thinking, System-1) as well as cognitive responses (Slow thinking, System-2) influencing their psychological and behavioral aspects that play a significant role in influencing their motivations, behavior and decision-making. This drives the business value creation or destruction.

TEXTIENT’s next generation Cognitive computing and analytics platform offers capabilities that makes it easier, faster and affordable for organizations across industries to uncover and act on critical insights from human data online to improve business value.Essentially, We help turn online human behavioral intelligence to business value.