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What is your brand success code?   What consumers think and feel and how they emotionally engage with your brand is hidden and is not easy to know. Gain deeper insights on what the human truth means to your organization, category, product, services, location or even celebrity in the notion of a brand!

Execute high quality, reliable  cognitive analytics faster than traditional qualitative and behavioral research and analysis methods on a easy to use, self-service model to uncover deeper brand insights from the voice of the consumers on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Bring-your own custom (text) data such as from consumer web reviews or internal panel interviews or focus group transcripts.

TEXTIENT Brand-Essence Report
Distinctive and Powerful Insights. The Mind, Heart and Soul of Your Brand Revealed

Brand-Essence is an innovative cognitive analytics that provides deeper, qualitative brand insights from the voice of the consumers in the form of complex unstructured (text) data . The notion of a brand is applied in a broader sense. It helps you to understand consumer’s rational and emotive needs to build irresistible, meaningful and emotionally engaging products, services, brands and marketing.

Brand-Essence Cognitive analytics delivers a insights report from the voice of the consumer acquired and processed from Social media or custom Bring-Your-Own data.The qualitative brand metrics and insights provided in the insights report is listed in the table below.
Brand-Essence Dimension   Qualitative  Insights Why it Matters?

Brand Personality


  • Twelve distinct Brand personality Archetypes with dominant or weaker brand personality perceptions and characteristics.
  • Emotional and social drivers beyond the functional / utilitaraian benefits.
  • Understand your brand appeal, meaning and behavior. Get cues emotional and self-expressive benefits beyond the functional benefits.
  • Cues to brand differentiation and competitiveness, Brand’s stronger or weaker competitive position.
  • Understand the intangibles influencing the Brand Equity.
Brand Attractiveness
  • Four distinct characteristics that measures the attractiveness quotient based on sensation, rational and emotional influences on consumers
  • Profitable brand growth comes through consumes emotional and intuitive choices than rational and logical thinking.
  • This is a crucial metric that provides cues to how you can be successful be it in marketing or consumer product selling.
Brand Choice
  • Four distinct metrics to measures what is driving brand choice
  • Brand choices driven by consumer psychological orientations provides the true insight on why consumers prefer your brand.
Brand Experience
  • Five powerful Brand experience constructs based on the Experiential stimuli of brands on consumers
  • You will know which experiences are guiding consumer behaviors! given that experiential economy is the name of the game in the today’s markets. The insights helps position where you are in this economy.
  • You will know which brand-Stimulus affecting your brand is critical to your marketing strategy, business growth and competitive positioning. For example, a restaurant’s sensory perceptions (ambient visuals, food flavor ) may be a key driver as against the variety or service quality.
  • Brand experience positively impacts satisfaction and loyalty. Enhances the brand value.
Brand Relationship
  • Key dimensions indicative of the strength of  consumer-brand bonding
  • It measures the emotional side of your brand from a consumer perspective . Its all about the heart related to passion, bonding and attachment.
  • Strength of the consumer-brand bonding improves consumer stickiness, loyalty, brand’s attractiveness, differentiation and value
Brand Stature
  • Key dimensions indicative of the brand ‘s hotness indicating the maturity aspects as well as how well your brand is regarded.
  • Indicators whether your brand is perceived as capable, trusted and pre-eminent.
Context Discovery
  • Themes, Topics, Concepts, Entities 
  • Provides cues to what are the brand or market or product centric aspects are driving in the given context of analysis. It can point to unique and important aspects related to the consumer situation or interactions or point to the communication topics as well as the concepts attributed to the voice of consumer, the location, organisation and other related attributes.