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Explore the Deeper Human Truth: We dive deeper inside the human-generated (text) data acquired from the voice of the consumers to uncover real consumer motives, emotions, personality traits and beliefs and goals. Our insights reveal who your consumers are, what they are trying to accomplish, why do they want to do what they do, what their beliefs and goals are and what is driving their choice and their preferences.

Execute high quality, reliable  Cognitive Analytics faster than traditional qualitative and behavioral research methods on a easy to use, self-service model to uncover the Consumer DNA from the Voice of the Consumers from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Custom (text) data such as Web reviews and interview or voice  transcripts.

Consumers preferences and choices about brands, products and services and the behavior is driven by their rational mind as well as the intuitive and instinctive emotional triggers from the heart.  The key challenge for Brand Owners, Marketers and Researchers today is to gain basic human-centric aspects driving the consumer behavior in making strategic decisions and rely on this knowledge as they need strategies around their new products, marketing and advertising to make consumers’ choices easy, fast and predictable.

Consumer DNA insights containing psycho-analytical profile representations is the principle quality criterion that can help you understand the complex human-truth reliably and at scale and confidently apply it for brand strategy, marketing, market success innovation, communication or propositions.

TEXTIENT Consumer DNA Insights Report
Created Through Powerful Cognitive Analytics

Our Consumer DNA insights is offered as an on-demand, fully automated cognitive analytics service and report under a self-service or consulting model using the TEXTIENT platform which is integrated with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube data-sources or you can Bring-Your-own custom text data to upload. The unique features and insights offered is listed in the below table.

Consumer DNA dimension  Cognitive Insights (Qualitative)   Why does it matter?
Consumer Motivation

    • Aspirations or Frustrations driving consumers seeking a change or improvement

    • Focal-point of change (internal or external or social)

    • Motivational context (future, current or past related)

    • Human motivations is all about change. It’s the secret key to understanding the fundamental human behavioral influences

    • Your business Strategy and Marketing can be aligned to the human motivations for better results and to gain competitive edge.

    • Enables targeted marketing.

    • Helps you to lead through hindsight vs foresight.

Consumer experiential profile

    • Experiential Stimulus 

    • Understand specific experiential profile based on their offline or online experience stimulus ! Experiential economy is the name of the game in the today’s markets.decoding specific consumer experiential profiles helps position where you are and how to play effectively in this economy.

    • Your business Strategy and Marketing can be aligned to the human motivations for better results and to gain competitive edge.

Consumer Emotions

    • Positive or Negative emotions

    • Correlate emotional triggers with events, objects and agents

    • Understand the positive or negative feelings, and identify the reaction of the human heart  whether due to the impact of  events (consequences), aspects of objects (material influences) and actions of agents (self or others). 

    • Human emotions play a crucial role in driving consumer satisfaction and loyalty. It influences favorable or unfavorable behavior.

    • Engage consumers based on their emotional signature can bring favorable consumer responses.

Consumer Personality

    • Comprehensive personality traits

    • General, Stimulation, Sellf-organisation, Intellectual, Emotional  and Social-harmony Orientations

    • Elicits and reveals the hidden meanings and connotations to narrowly and explicity understand who the consumer is?

    • Acts as a sensitive instrument to deeply understand the consumer reality and the factors that govern their behavior

    • Helps you to understand, identify and fit prospective customers based on market trends and competitive consumptions.

Consumer Values

    • Individualistic and collective concerns

    • Values representing human beliefs and goals serve as guiding principles in people’s lives. Values play a critical role in understanding consumer interests and behavior. Aligning your business strategy and goals to consumer value orientations can provide huge benefits. 

    • Acts as a lens to understand the cultural aspects of consumers..

    • Human values are transformed into concrete and material reality when embodied by brands.

    • Marketers can imbue brands with human values to evoke a sense of purpose and meaningfulness in consumers’ lives not merely utilitarian.

Context Discovery

    • Themes, Topics, Concepts, Entities 

    • Understand the context of what is driving the consumers such as influencing themes, unique and important aspects related to the their situation or interactions, central theme describing the analysed communications (topics) as well as the conceptual, location, organisation and other related attributes.