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To analyse the data that is delivered by the DataWorker service,we suggest following tools that you may explore. These tools provide an easy way to input a CSV (excel) file for data discovery, analysis and charting.

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop (free) edition for quantitative analysis and charting
  • Microsoft Excel
  • IBM Watson analytics
  • Tableau desktop
  • Amazon Quicksights
  • TEXT Analytics tools
    • Semantria sentiment analyser for Excel
    • MeaningCloud sentiment analyser for Excel

Our data platform is a highly scalable and secure, cloud based software as a service that provides data integration, automated data acquisition, processing, delivery and user management services.

DataWorker for Social data is a software as a service process that runs  on top our data platform to connect, acquire, process and deliver data from Social media sources. The DataWorker service and its data delivery are subject to safeguarding people privacy. Currently Facebook page and YouTube video page sources are integrated on our platform.

How does it work?

  • After logging in to our platform, End user selects a data source and inputs one or more Facebook page or YouTube Video page URL
  • User may define specific words (called as Reject terms) to remove messages containing such words in the acquired data. This is used to filter noisy or unwanted data
  • User starts the DataWorker service job which is nothing but a dynamic cloud process to acquire and prepare data from the defined data source points. Jobs may run for a few hours and finally deliver the prepared data in a CSV file
  • The user will get the email notification once a DataWorker job is completed. The user can then download the CSV output file and open it in Microsoft Excel. This file can then be input in to BI tools like Power BI or Tableau or other such tools by the user for Analysis.
  • The DataWorker can be run multiple times as per need. Depending on the plan purchased, the user has the option to run concurrent DataWorker service jobs.
  • The Data platform service is currently available to the users from India and Internationally for select countries.
  • We plan to add and make it available for other countries in the future.
  • Any user who has signed up to the DataWorker platform service with an account activated can try the platform free for a period of one week.
  • From our website home page,  hover your mouse on the “Customer Login” menu, you will see the Data platform-Login link. When you click on it, the data platform login page will open. In that page, Click on the “Sign up” button to get started.

TEXTIENT Cognitive analytics essentially performs the following cognitive computational analysis of data

  • Human-generated (text) data acquisition from pre-integrated Social media sources or custom data uploaded by the user (web reviews, customer interview transcripts from focus groups, panels etc.)
  • Unstructured (text) data mining from the Voice of the consumer commentaries using Advanced natural language processing and machine learning
  • Human-centric  PsychoAnalysis. Deciphering cognitive, affective and behavioral attributes from the data
  • Cognitive insights processing with IBM Watson and Machine learning techniques
  • Qualitative Insights modeling and metrics generated as a report.

The above mentioned cognitive computing steps are streamlined and fully automated. Its made available as an easy-to-use, self service, on-demand platform that runs on the cloud.

  • We provide Software as a Service, Cognitive Text Analytics platform powered by IBM Watson that  provides qualitative Brand and Consumer insights as on-demand reports analysed and deciphered from the Voice of the consumers. (Voice of the consumers are the text commentaries available from Facebook pages, YouTube video pages, online reviews or custom text data such as interview transcripts. You can also bring your twitter or blog data exported from the Salesforce Radian6 )

We provide deeper and qualitative brand and consumer insights cited below by applying cognitive analytics on the voice of consumer (text commentaries or qualitative content in the form of unstructured text data)

For more information, please visit the pages under the Insights platform menu.

  • Stage -1 : Dataset creation
    • Dataset definition
    • Data acquisition (social media sources integrated or bring-your own text data as a file CSV upload)
    • Data processing and mining including linguistic processing, filtering so on.
    • Optional Data-set review and filtering (from the web interface)
    • Dataset creation and notification
    • Dataset storage and management
  • Stage-2: Cognitive Analytics
    • Dataset selection (up to 5 nos)
    • Insights report definition
    • Cognitive analytics processing
    • Insights generation and report compilation
    • Reports notification (email)
    • PDF Report and excel raw metrics download
    • Insights report storage and management
  • Stage-3:  Report and Insights interpretations
    • Insights study and interpretation
  • Brands are considered in a broader notion in our analytics and insights. 
  • Organization as a Brand – e.g An Airline or a Bank , Twitter data from @klm or @citibank
  • Product as a Brand – e.g iPhone , Twitter data from  #iphone or samsung galaxy’s official facebook page data or a Sports club’s facebook conversations
  • Category as a Brand – e.g. Haircolor  , Twitter data pouring from #haircolor hashtag or Various Haircolor YouTube or Facebook demo and review pages pertaining to hair color
  • Service as a Brand – e.g. Twitter customer care of a Airline like @lufthansa_cares or a consumer brand like @nikesupport  or Facebook pages created for support
  • Celebrity as a Brand: e.g.  Singer Chris Brown’s YouTube video pages, Popular Chef’s YouTube or Facebook video pages
  • Location as a Brand. E.g.  New York as a location or place. Twitter data from #NewYork hashtag or Facebook commentaries from official Las Vegas facebook page.
  • Event as a Brand:  Popular sports or entertainment or product launch events , e.g. Twitter data from #nba or its official facebook page.  e.g. Go Pro camera product launch pages in YouTube
  • Our on-demand analytics automatically compiles a PDF report of the Qualitative Brand or Consumer analysis findings and notifies the user on the email for viewing or downloading the report. Raw metrics are also made available for download as an excel file.  The reports are stored in the users account for 30 days after which it automatically expires.
  • Our platform is pre-integrated with Facebook Page(s) and YouTube to acquire commentaries. You can also bring your own data and upload it as a organized CSV file (consumer online reviews,blogs, forums content, customer interviews,  focus group or panel transcripts, surveymonkey data, survey verbatim so on..)
  • We also support integrating custom data-sources such as GNIP or Surveymonkey or others based on your requirements and engagement scenario with us.

Yes. You could use it in certain scenarios. Please contact us for more information on how to leverage news content for qualitative analysis.

  • Creating a data-set from social data-sources or  processing uploaded unstructured text data in the order of 10 MB can take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour for data processing
  • Cognitive Brand or Consumer Insights run as a single analytics job  from one or more selected data-sets can take a similar time to process. The processing time depends on the volume and complexity of the data
  • When there is not enough and relevant data from the selected data-sources or from the data-set created by you, the dataset creation or the insights report analytics job run may fail and you will be notified on the email.
    • You are not charged when there is a data or analytics processing failure due to insufficient data.

Our Insights platform is built upon the state-of-art IBM Watson’s cognitive computing services . We are a IBM Watson business partner. We have implemented advanced data mining, linguistic and psycho-analytics combined with machine learning models to decipher and predict deeper insights from communications that people make available as unstructured (text) data on mediums such as tweets, online forum posts, Facebook, YouTube page commentaries, text messages, text transcripts and more.

The entire data processing and analytics pipeline is automated on the highly secure and scalable cloud. The data and analytics is orchestrated on demand from an easy to use web based application.

  • Brand owners
  • Marketing team
  • Brand Strategy & Planning team
  • Qualitative Market and Consumer researchers
  • Business Analysts
  • Customer service Managers

You can use the the Insights platform for one or more of the following application scenarios

  • Market Research, Consumer Insights
  • Category trend research
  • Brand Analytics
    • Product
    • Service
    • Location
    • City, Tourism
    • Celebrity
    • Event
  • Competitor Brand Analysis
  • Marketing, Ad performance
  • Product Launch, Testing
  • Qualitative Risk Sensing
  • You have to be IT Savvy if you have to create your own data and run analytics. Typically you can learn to use our platform in a matter of minutes or maximum in a few hours.
  • To understand and interpret the Brand-Essence and Consumer DNA Insights, you or your team should have a reasonably good understanding and experience on qualitative brand and consumer constructs, rational and emotional models , related practice as well as know the basics of behavioral science.  Here is a list of references on the same
  • Qualitative Brand Insight references
    • Brand Personality and Archetypes
    • Archetypes in Branding (Book and toolkit)
    • The power of Archetypes in Brand creation by Butterfly, Slideshare
    • Aaker’s Brand personality and benefits
    • Aaker’s Brand energy principles
      • Building strong brands – David Aaker (Book)
      • Aaker on Branding (Book)
    • Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman (Book)
    • Why do we get so emotional about brands – HBR article
    • Brand and Experience economy – Joseph Pine, James H. Gilmore
    • Experiential Marketing – Dr. Bernd Schmidt
    • Emotional Branding – Marc Gobe
    • Branding, A Key marketing tool – John. M. Murphy
    • Brand & Consumer relationship – Susan Fournier
  • Qualitative Consumer Insights references
    • Maslows Hierarchy of Needs (Wikipedia)
    • The New science of customer emotions – HBR article
    • The Science of Why? Decoding Human motivations (book)
    • Affective modeling – Cognitive systems lab 
    • Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman (Book)
    • Predictably irrational , Dan Ariely (book)
    • Consumer Persona- Revised Neo-PI Inventory (wikipedia)
    • Theory of Human Values by Shalom Schwartz (wikipedia)
  • In the simplest way, You can use our Flexible plan which is a pay as you go service for consuming our Analytic services.
  • The pay as you go  Analytics service is offered as Work units (WU) with specific no. of WU associated with the Insight dimensions. You can choose to select the analytic insights that you want to run and accordingly purchase the WU.
  • Qualitative content in the form of unstructured (text) data is a complex type of big data that is difficult to process and quantify. Our platform simplifies this to leverage massive amounts of human generated data available in the public domain as well any internal organization generated data such as from surveys, forums, emails and blogs.
  • Qualitative brand research and analytics that gives strategic and meaningful insights from unstructured data through traditional methods even when using information technologies and tools can be very time consuming and expensive .  We provide valuable insights in a matter of hours , not in weeks or months. Our solution is highly scalable and very affordable.
  • Deciphering and understanding what is in the minds and hearts of the people (consumers) is very difficult and time consuming from unstructured data  even when you have IT experts, Psychologists and Consumer researchers or analysts. We provide deeper consumer insights in a fraction of a time in a scalable and affordable manner.
  • Understanding Human psychology and behavioral aspects is the basis for strategic success in today’s digital economy that is increasingly driven by human-centricity. We unlock insights based on this deeper cognitive analytics.
  • We help identify and understand new human centric trends with foresight and not through hindsight.
  • We accelerate  effective decision making capabilities for our users with deeper and strategic insights.
  • We work on partner centric engagement principles with our customers and provide personalized support. We always listen and help.
  • Sign up to our Insights platform service from our website
  • Once your account is activated, you can try and then choose to use our analytics services to gain insights
  • If you need a demo to understand or assistance in using our platform, please contact us