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TEXTIENT Negative Consumer DNA Insights provide a deeper understanding  of your consumer insights from the Voice of the consumers (people as consumers) pertaining to any broader or narrow market, brand, people or event related digital context. TEXTIENT Analytics applies advanced linguistic and cognitive computing powered by IBM Watson.  The voice of consumer information is acquired from the social media sources supported by our platform or through bring-your-own custom data such as from web reviews, forums, blogs or research interview transcripts that our users may upload. The infromation acquired and processed is in the form of an unstructured (text) data. Cognitive analytics is applied on this data to decipher the Consumer DNA which are deeper insights of the fundamental and distinctive human characteristics or qualities of people in any given consumption scenario and context.

The qualitative insights includes the following:
Consumer Motivations, Consumer Emotions, Consumer Experiential proile, Consumer Values, Consumer Personality, Context Discovery.

The insights are based on the negative apprisals and orientation of the consumer situation expressed through their communications (e.g. as consumer complaints, negative responses towards a product or an event etc.) acquired in the form of unstructured text data. This is deciphered and analysed from the data source / dataset you have selected and applied during the analysis.

Go ahead and access our website and let’s get started.

Accessing TEXTIENT ANALYTICS – Software as a Service platform

Visit website, Log in to our website if an account has been created. If you are a new user, please register to get your account activated.

Once you log-in to the TEXTIENT using your Email Address and password, you will be taken to the Dashboard.  In the Dashboard you can perform the following tasks.

1. Create A Dataset.

  • Create a dataset for a brand, product or service from the social media touch points viz Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or from your own data.
  • View the datasets those you have created.
  • Get details about specific dataset.
  • Perform Actions on a specific dataset.

2. Generate Insights.

  • Create the TEXTIENT Brand-Essence, Negative Brand Impact, Consumer DNA and Negative Consumer DNA Insights report using the Dataset you have created.  
  • View and perform actions on Insights reports.

3. View Your TEXTIENT Insights.

  • View your Insights reports.
  • Get details about specific Insights report.
  • Perform Actions on a specific Insights report.

Please find below the screenshot of Dashboard.

From the Dashboard, you can get started using the following steps to create NEGATIVE CONSUMER DNA Insights Report. 

  • Step-1: Here you define the Insights Report parameters including the type of Report, name(s) of the Dataset and Report Dimensions to use for Insights generation. Next, We run the Cognitive analytics job on your DATASET(s) to generate the TEXTIENT NEGATIVE CONSUMER DNA Insights Report.
  • Step-2: Here you access Insights Reports and performs actions like view, download the selected Negative Consumer DNA Insights Report for getting detailed insights.  Here you can  perform the following – Get Details of the Insights Report, View Insights Report, Download Insights Report,  Download Metrics and  Delete Insights Report.

Please refer the below instructions to perform the above mentioned steps to create and view the NEGATIVE CONSUMER DNA Insights Report.


Create a Negative Consumer DNA Insights Report from Dataset(s): E.g. from the dataset Audi A4 DSI, Facebook page. Here you define the parameters including  for your Negative Consumer DNA Insights Report.

  • In the TEXTIENT dashboard, click on the INSIGHTS Tab in the left hand side of the page, you will be taken to the INSIGHTS page.
  • From the INSIGHTS page, click on the “Generate Insights” green button .

Please refer to the screenshot below. 

  • You will be taken to the “Select & Generate Insight” page. Click on the Green “Select” button for the 4. Negative Consumer DNA Insights.
  • You will be taken to the “Generate Insight” page. Now select a Dataset for which you want to do Negative Consumer DNA analytics and generate a Insights report.

Refer to the screenshot of the “Create Insight” page.

Select the Dataset for which you want to run a Negative Consumer DNA Insights report:

Let’s say we want to select Audi A4 DSI dataset, Click on that Dataset entry row element for which you want to run the Negative Consumer DNA Insights report. It gets highlighted with yellow colour. Please refer to the screenshot given below.

  • Next, Provide a Report name and tags to associate with the report.
  • Then select the Negative Consumer DNA Insight Report dimensions that you want to analyse or Select all.
  • Enter the Report Scenario (Optional)

Pls. refer to the screenshot below for Negative Consumer DNA Insights Report creation:

Once the above details are entered, click on the green coloured “Create” button. A new report job will get initiated to this effect and you can see that in the Jobs page given below.

Note: The Negative Consumer DNA predictive analytics and insights report generation will take approx. 30 to 45 mins. Once it is completed, you will get an e-mail notification. You may then login to your account in our website to view or download the Insights report.


  • Access and Actions on the Negative Consumer DNA Insights Report that you have created.
  • Once you get the Negative Consumer DNA Insights report created intimation to your registered e-mail id, login to your account from our website
  • Go to the Insights page (Click on the INSIGHTS link in the Menu bar).
  • You should see the Report under the INSIGHTS Reports History.
  • Locate your Insights Report and Click on the “Actions” button and select “View Report” or “Download Report” or “Download Metrics”.
  • Please refer the Insights – View/Download screenshot given above.
  • Go through the Report to infer and gain various Negative Consumer DNA insights for the Audi car.

TEXTIENT Negative Consumer DNA Insight Interpretations:

All the predicted dimensions and strengths in the insights report are Qualitative. They are based on the implicit analysis. The analytic outcomes provided as insights in the report primarily indicate the evidences and correlations.

The findings have to be subjectively aligned primarily against the digital touchpoint of a Brand(e.g. Facebook, Twitter) against which the analytics have been carried out. While the findings may have direct or indirect implications(to any broader or narrow market, brand, people or event related digital context), based on its functioning, events or competitive forces, the findings should not be construed as being deterministic and in its entirety. Our predictive findings are only correlations and provide strong cues depending on consumer perceptions and experiences implicitly reported.

For example, if we find the Consumer Motivation “Security” or “Engagement” is moderate or lower, it does not mean entirely that the “Security” or “Engagement” Motivation is absent as a whole.

Consumer Personality Profile – Personality orientation, Intellectual & Creative orientation and Emotional orientation – Sometimes the dominant (top 1 or 2) consumer personality profile predicted may indicate the typical category stereo-types where it is positioned at due to people’s common perceptions of these personalities. So, the strength of this may be used for comparing with a targetted consumer of a product/market/service category or segment .

An example to describe this is: Isurance companies may want to focus or target consumers having “Insecure” personality; Another example is product makers for busy executives/corparate companies and Sports product makers might want to look at consumers having “Energetic” personality.

Please view the below video to understand the above steps.