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Specifying multiple URL

On the TEXTIENT Data or Insights platform, when you select the data source as Facebook or YouTube, you have an option to input multiple Facebook page URL or YouTube Video page URL. When multiple URLs are specified and submitted for dataset creation, the platform will process  and acquire data from each page (URL) and finally create one dataset.

When to specify multiple Facebook or YouTube URLs as the data source?

Typical scenarios to consider either for the Data and Insights platform are as follows

  • When you find more than one Facebook or YouTube page related to a specific topic in consideration for  an analysis. (e.g. Car Brand, New Movie trailer, Sports event, Consumer review of a category or a product, University conversations as a theme so on.) 
  • When you find similar topics under one category of analysis (e.g. YouTube video comments of  Italian Pasta cooking from a Chef’s YouTube cooking channel or selected from multiple Chef’s channels.)
  • When you want to combine multiple Facebook pages of a Product or a Brand spread across the geography (e.g. Coke USA, Coke Singapore etc)
  • When the envisaged availability of commentaries (data volume) is not sufficient for processing from one Facebook or YouTube page

 When to specify multiple URLs of different products or brands in the same domain?

  • Data Platform
    • If you want to acquire data about a specific theme (topic, event, subject, domain etc.) from multiple Facebook page or YouTube Videos. e.g. Audience feedback about a car brand based on its review videos or  Fan feedback for a Football club from more than one Facebook page.
  • Insights Platform
    • For Brand category analysis, you may specify multiple URLs from the same brand concept or domain. For instance, if you have to do a  TEXTIENT brand or consumer analytics for the Fast food category in the US , you may specify the Facebook page URLs of say McDonald, Subway and Burger King which are the key players in the fast food segment.
    • When you want to do analyse trends in a specific market segment or domain.
    • Examples:
    • Consumer profile segment for Toys from identified toy related  YouTube video pages that may belong to different brands.
    • Consumer profile segment for Basketball from identified basketball Facebook pages that may belong to different sports clubs or Basket ball sports star.


  • We suggest that you not to specify multiple high traffic Facebook page URLs  together due to the overheads involved in processing data from multiple pages and the related acquisition of data. So, if you have a high traffic page, please input only one URL.