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Selecting Multiple Datasets for Insights 

When you want to generate insights, You may select more than one dataset to be combined for Analytics.  Please note that you should have created multiple datasets in advance for a given analysis domain or a brand under any of the following circumstances mentioned below

  • If you want to combine data from multiple data sources for one single analysis domain. (e.g. You have created dataset for analysing a Car brand from its Facebook page, YouTube review page and Custom bring your own data you have created from its web reviews)
  • When the envisaged data volume is not sufficient for processing from one Datasource
  • When you want to combine two or more datasets created for a domain at different dates. (e.g.  You created 3 datasets from a Facebook page of a popular sports event spread across 3 weeks sampled on 3 different dates). Note: The dataset created is retained and available for 30 days and expires automatically.

 When to specify multiple URLs of different products or brands in the same domain?

  • For Brand category analysis, you may specify multiple URLs from the same brand concept or domain. For instance, if you have to do a  TEXTIENT brand or consumer analytics for the Fast food category in the US , you may specify the Facebook page URLs of say McDonald, Subway and Burger King which are the key players in the fast food segment. 
  • When you want to do analyse trends in a specific market segment or domain.
    • Examples:
    • Consumer profile segment for Toys from identified toy related  YouTube video pages that may belong to different brands.
    • Consumer profile segment for Basketball from identified basketball Facebook pages that may belong to different sports clubs or Basket ball sports star.