To gain competitive advantage and grow your business, you need to dive deep in to the minds and hearts of the consumers to understand what moves your consumers, trends and make brands tick!

Deeper insights for Brand owners, Marketers and Market Researchers

Deeper human-truth behind consumer behavior revealed
Consumer Motivations | Personas | Emotions | Values | Consumption preferences | Context
Brand-Essence to guide key decisions and growth strategy
Brand Soul code | Differentiation | Choice drivers | Attractiveness | Relationship | Context

Cognitive Text Analytics platform to gain deeper consumer and brand insights for growth strategy and to build emotionally engaging brands, products, services and marketing from the Voice of Consumers

We analyse unstructured (text) data as commentaries from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or You can bring your own data from consumer reviews,blogs, forums, panel or focus group interview text transcripts to gain strategic insights in a matter of hours, Not in weeks or months!

Insights delivered as reports from cognitive analytics uncovers the secret soul code of your consumers and your brand success code. Available to you as

  • Brand-Essence 
  • Negative Brand Impact
  • Consumer DNA
  • Consumer DNA (Negative)
  • Consumer Context Intelligence
  • Brand Appeal: Archetypes
  • Differentiation & Attractiveness
  • Experiential Stimuli & Emotional bonding
  • Human Motivations driving behavioral change
  • Human Emotions influencing preferences
  • Human Values guiding concrete behavior
  • Personality traits behind the behavior
  • Consumption preferences

Applications & Use Cases

  • Product Development & Launch strategy
  • Product & Service Experience management
  • Brand Evaluation (Organisation, Product, Service, Location, Celebrity)
  • Brand category & Consumer trends identification
  • Marketing & Advertising Strategy
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Qualitative Brand & Consumer Research
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Product & Service Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis

Self-Service Analytics: How It Works?

Once you sign up from our website, You can access our web based platform to run cognitive analytics with a few steps

  • You first create data-sets from select data sources.

  • You may run data filters.

  • Select data-sets to run specific brand or consumer cognitive analytics.

  • Insights are delivered as pdf reports for study and interpretations.

  • The data-set and reports generated are available to you for 30 days.

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