Cognitive Analytics Platform Services & Insights Pricing

Software as Service, Cognitive Text Analytics for Brand & Consumer Insights includes the following features & functions.

  • Text data acquisition, processing and dataset creation
  • Facebook, YouTube and Bring-Your-Own-Data

  • Data Filter definitions: Masking and Reject
  • Enhanced data clean up: Review and run multiple filters on the raw dataset
  • Sentiment analysis details
  • Cognitive Analytics for Brand or Consumer insights
  • Insights delivered as a PDF report online to view or download
  • Raw metrics excel file download
  • Dataset and Insights report storage for 30 days
  • Flexible  Plan (Pay-As-You Go) (or) Subscription model

  • Email Support

Free Trial

After you signup to the Insights platform, You will get 24 Analytics work units (WU) including data-set processing and insights free of charge to try.

Flexible Plan : Pay-As-You-Go

  • Pay as per actual service usage for datasets and reports
  • Advance Payment and Flexible Top-Up
  • Pay securely online through PayUMoney credit/debit card or bank transfer

Insight Dimensions & Applicable Work Units (WU)

Consumer Insights Dimension Work Units (WU)
Consumer Motivation 3
Consumer personality profile,
orientations and consumption preferences
Consumer Emotions 1
Consumer Experience profile 1
Consumer Values 1
Context Discovery 2
Brand Insight Dimensions Work Units (WU)
Brand Personality (Archetypes) & Its effect 5
Brand Gender 1
Brand Experience 1
Brand Relationship 1
Brand Stature 2
Negative Brand Personality 3
Context Discovery 2

Work Units (WU) Slab & Pricing

Work Units (WU) Price / WU in INR
1-30 2000
31-60 1500
61-90 1000
91-120 500

You can compute the Analytics Work units (WU) you would like to purchase based on the No. of Insights dimensions you wish to analyse against the suitable Work unit slab cited above.  For example, if your Consumer Insights analysis requires 75 Work units, It’s priced at the slab of Rs 1000/WU.

* Prices quoted are in Indian rupee and excludes all applicable taxes
* Flexible plan purchase is valid for a term of three months.
* Plan includes dataset creation and filtering service.

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